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August 30, 2006

Congratulations to our new town leaders.

Major: Mary Clark, no longer "Mayor in Exile"

Council: Leonard Blank, Joe Qualey, Bill "Cubby" Wilder, & Parris Williams

August 29, 2006

Vote!!! James Island Municipal Elections Are Today

Here are two important links to the www.CharlestonCounty.org web page

  • Click HERE for the County Board of Elections Web Page

  • Click HERE for a list of Precincts & POLLING LOCATIONS

June 20, 2006, 11:00 PM:

James Island is a town once again...for now.

Congratulations James Islanders!!!

The Truth…The Whole Truth [about annexation of James Island Residents by the City of Charleston]*

*[words in brackets by the editor of this website]

The James Island Public Service District Commission is providing you this information in response to recent statements made by City of Charleston government officials. Our information is honest and, to the best of our knowledge, complete.

If you own a $200,000 home and allow the City of Charleston to annex your property, you will save about $56 on your annual real estate taxes and about $133 a year on your water bills. And if you heavily use City of Charleston recreation programs (only a small portion of PSD households do), you can allegedly save an additional $120 a year.



But here's the rest of the story…

  1. You will pay $12 more in automobile taxes (assuming you own two cars worth $10,000 each). And if you own more cars or a boat, you'll pay even more.
  2. You will pay about $93 more for sewer service each year - and even more in future years.
  3. You will pay an annual $48 storm water fee, most of which benefits peninsula Charleston.
  4. You will pay about $92 a year in City of Charleston franchise fees for electricity, telephone service, and cable service.
  5. You will be required to buy a $5 license for every dog or cat you have and a $1 license for each bicycle you own.
  6. These hidden extra costs of annexation - which City of Charleston officials rarely mention - total about $250 a year.
  7. If your property is annexed by the City of Charleston, your Charleston County taxes - contrary to rumor - will not be reduced one penny.
  8. The James Island PSD is $1 million in debt, or about $44 per resident.
    The City of Charleston is at least $75 million in debt (not counting interest), or about $680 per resident. One day these loans are going to have to be repaid - by taxpayers.


And there's more…

  1. The James Island PSD serves more than 22,000 PSD residents – about two-thirds of the island's population.
  2. The PSD collects garbage twice a week. The City of Charleston collects only once.
  3. The James Island PSD Commission consists of 7 members, all of whom live on James Island and all of whom are directly elected by PSD residents.
  4. Charleston City Council consists of 13 members, only one of whom lives on James Island. A majority of this remote, peninsula-oriented council has long regarded James Island as a colony to be financially exploited, and it is largely responsible for the overdevelopment of our island [remember development of the Dill Sister’s land, and recently the sale of McLeod Plantation for development (click for more information)].
  5. If you allow Charleston to annex your property, you will instantly inherit far more rules, regulations, and bureaucracy than the PSD has.
  6. Finally, if you "choose" to allow the City of Charleston to annex your property, please know that you're headed down a one-way street. They will be delighted to get your tax money. But if you change your mind later, they will not allow you to leave the city. So much for choice.

 James Island PSD Commissioners. Island Update Number 19, July 2005



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