Please, please, please read our terms before bidding.

Our domain name list speaks for itself.

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Over 900 (about 930) of:

1. The world's finest domain names for Real Estate, Vacation Rentals, Spas, and Tourism.
2. Incredible unique and valuable domain names, for example: ~ Four little letters, big business opportunity ~ Commercial industry ~ Employment agency ~ Unique person's and historically significant surname ~ Top vacation spot ~ City hub ~ Real Estate for an entire country! ~ An American icon

We have some of the rarest real estate domains for cities, countries, & vacation spots; people and business names; real words; golf, tennis, and sports domains; and many other unique and wonderful domain names. Many of these have the full compliment of .com, .net, and .org domain suffixes. All excellent names.


I'm always amazed that 4 or 5 friends will speculate on a $2,000,000 beach house, but routinely let emerging Internet business opportunities pass them by. How many of you (like me) passed on buying Google stock?!!! I can't pick stocks, but I know great domain names and have searched for these names for MANY years. I even wrote my own software to search for specific terms and name types, and spent many nights in front of the computer analyzing the results.

I have personally bought and sold thousands domain names. Some sold for over $40,000 for a single name. Marketing rights to these names alone can be worth tens of thousands of dollars (I know; I sold two years of marketing rights to a popular vacation city domain name for tens of thousands of dollars). This experience enabled me to quit my corporate job as an Engineering Program Manager (making a good salary of over $80,000 a year) and go to work for myself. Now I am finally ready to retire.

I know the value of my domain names and am sure those of you who know this business do too. I will treat the buyer fairly and professionally and will ensure that you have a smooth, secure transaction.

For your Safety and mine, sale will use an escrow service agreed upon by seller and buyer.

First page of our domain name list. See text below terms for full listing of all 900+ names.


  • This is a business transaction, and I expect buyers to act in a professional way, as will I.

  • 3%, non-refundable earnest money payment required within 10 days of auction closing. Payment in full required within 60- days. This should give buyers ample time to obtain funds. If you cannot obtain funds to purchase these domains within 60 days after auction closing, we have the option of extending your purchase time or keeping your earnest money and voiding your purchase contract.

  • We will use legal contracts to ensure the buyer's and seller's financial safety. I will provide a sales contract upon completion of this auction. The purpose of the contract is to establish ownership of the domains for the buyer and to verify payment for the seller. I recommend your attorney review this document prior to closing.

  • Non-USA buyers MUST contact me before bidding. I will only sell to buyers in the following countries: USA, UK, Australia, & Canada. If you are an investment group outside of one of those nations, please arrange with an agent resident of one of these countries to purchase these domains.

  • Bidders with less than 10 feedbacks, or with ANY negative feedback, must contact me before bidding. Otherwise I will cancel your bid, no questions asked. I will sell to buyers with NO feedback or negative feedback, but you must contact me first so I can establish a level of comfort and verify your identity and ability to pay. I reserve the right to cancel your bid regardless of contact if I am not comfortable with you as a low feedback or negative feedback buyer.

  • I will ONLY use a USA escrow service for this sale and will split the cost of escrow services 50:50 with the buyer. is an acceptable escrow service, but there are less expensive alternatives. WE will work diligently to find an escrow service that is financially reasonable as well as affordable.

  • No PayPal for this auction. No non-USA issued credit cards. Prefer bank transfer. Escrow service will determine payment method.

  • Sale includes transfer of all domains to the registrar of your choice, which includes an additional registration year. Seller will pay for transfer registration up to $10 per domain name.

  • Buyer pays all applicable sales taxes, licenses, or import fees and levies. In other words, we will pay for transferring domains to your registrar up to $10 per domain name. And we will split the cost of Escrow Services 50:50 with the buyer. But we will not pay for anything else required for you to place these domain names in your name. All terms will be clearly detailed in our sales contract. To paraphrase that contract, we will transfer full ownership and control of these domain names in exchange for your purchase price, minus 50% of escrow and 100% of registration fees.

  • All sales are final.

FULL LIST OF DOMAINS (Click HERE for PDF version, or read below): Industry domain name. Fripp Island Vacation Rentals! Hilton Head Vacation Rentals! Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals! A jewel in the crown. Virginia Beach, Virginia! Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals! Extremely rare woman's name domain. Popular vacation spot. Yes, the Taos, New Mexico. Study of wine. Many people spell Sante Fe this way. About 1 in 4 in my experience. See my website at Famous for start of Civil War. Means "Truly New" Famous Author. .Com sold for over $14,000! Invest in these domains "Altogether". Real estate for an entire city! Unbelievably valuable real estate name! Real Estate for an entire Country!!! Plus .com, .us, .net, .org, etc. (see below) Plus .US and .INFO! Top 10 vacation city. Top 50 vacation city. See others in set (above) Hilton Head. Top 50 vacation city. Caribbean hot spot. You know. Australia or Florida, or both. Another Top Vacation City. Popular Annual New Mexico Festival. THE BIG APPLE. Top 10 Vacation Spot. 2nd largest real estate market in US in 2005!






































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