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Help - Hotel Reservations

#1 Question: When is my credit card charged?
In almost all cases your credit card is not charged. Your card information serves only to secure your reservation and is not charged until your actual "stay" takes place. Your credit card is only charged immediately for "hot rates" hotels, and this is stated clearly on the hotel listing. You may cancel your reservation and receive a credit back to your card as long as it is within the time limit of the hotel policy, which is normally 24 hours or less before your stay. Be sure to read the hotel cancellation policies for all reservations.

#2 Question: Is my information secure?
Your information is safe, secure and confidential with Click here for our security and privacy statement.

Online Reservation Facts and Instructions


General Information

Charleston Area Hotel Reservations offers interactive, real-time access to room and rate availability, enabling you to book the best rates instantaneously through the Internet. You are able to retrieve rates directly from our central reservation system, and see them on your screen within seconds.

Clicking on the reservations hypertext phrase or word on any hotel property page will take you directly to the page to check that hotel's availability and rates. To view and/or cancel a reservation, click on the link to Review or Cancel a Reservation.

You must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape or another Web browser that uses the same security scheme as Netscape. Using an incompatible Web browser will result in an error message from our secure Netscape booking server. This is designed to protect you since everything you enter will be secure -- credit card, name, dates, etc.

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Check Hotel Availability and Rates

To check availability and rates, click on the "Check Instantly Rates and Availability" button on a hotel's information page or the "Check Rates" link on the search results list.

Check Hotel Availability Fields (all fields are mandatory unless noted below)


  • Property Name:
    The hotel you have selected. This information is filled in for you.

  • Arrival Date:
    The date you will be arriving at the hotel (defaults to today's date)

  • Departure Date:
    The date you will check out of the hotel (defaults to tomorrow's date)

  • Number of Adults:
    The number of adults staying in the room (select 1 - 4)
  • Frequent Traveler Membership: (Optional)
    Hotel Frequent Traveler ID number. Only the frequent guest number for the hotel chain being requested should be entered.

Once all the fields are filled in, click on the "Send Form" button. The request is sent to our reservation system and obtains the rates and room types available for the requested time period. This information is returned to you within seconds.

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Make a Hotel Reservation

Once the hotel returns the rates available for the time period you have requested, you may scroll and review the rates and their descriptions. In order to make a reservation, click on the "Select Rate" button next to the desired rate.

The Booking Request Form will display once you have selected a rate. You must have a secure Internet browser (Ex: Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer) in order to proceed any further in making a hotel reservation.

The Booking Request Fields are (all fields are mandatory unless noted below):


  • First Name:
    First name of the guest

  • Last Name:
    Last name, or surname, of the guest

  • Telephone
    A telephone number for the guest

  • Email Address:
    An Email address for the guest. A confirmed notification of the reservation will be sent to this Email address. If the reservation is subsequently canceled, a cancellation notification will also be forwarded to this Email address. For security purposes, any notifications sent to Email will NOT contain credit card numbers.


  • Street Address, Suite or Apt. Number, City, State, Zip Postal Code, and Country:
    A mailing address for the guest.


  • Credit Card Type:
    Click on the button next to the credit card you will be entering.


  • Credit Card Number:
    All hotel reservations made online require a credit card number to guarantee or retrieve the reservation. Since the booking form is a secure transaction, the credit card number will be encrypted for security purposes.


  • Expiration Date:
    Enter the month and year expiration date of the credit card. An example of the format is 12/99.


  • Non-Smoking -or- Smoking:
    Select your preference for either a non-smoking or a smoking room. This field is optional.


  • Comments:
    Enter any miscellaneous requests or preferences for the hotel. For example, if you have a bed type preference, enter it here - eg., "2 Double Beds". When you click on "Send Form" you will be advised if your bed type request is confirmed. This field is optional.


Once the form is complete, click on the "Send Form" button. The reservation request will be transmitted to the hotel for immediate processing. A reply is normally received within 7 seconds.

If your reservation has been confirmed, a notification will be displayed on your screen, and a copy sent to your Email address.

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Review/Cancel a Reservation

To review or cancel an existing hotel reservation booked on the Internet, click on the "Review or Cancel a Reservation" link on the jumpbar. The "Review or Cancel Hotel Reservations" form will appear. The first step is to retrieve a reservation. You have two ways to do this, by Name and Credit Card or by Name, Confirmation Number, and hotel chain.


  • First Name:
    First name of the guest

  • Last Name:
    Last name, or surname, of the guest

  • Confirmation Number:
    The confirmation number returned by the hotel during the reservations process.
Once the form is complete, click on the "Send Form" button. Either a single reservation or a list of reservations that meet the search criteria will display. If you wish to cancel a reservation, click on the "Cancel This Reservation" link. The reservation cancellation request will be transmitted to the hotel for immediate processing. A reply is normally received within 7 seconds. Also, a confirmation of your canceled reservation will be sent to your email address. If you wish to re-send a reservation confirmation to the original email address, click on the "Send Details via e-mail" link. If you do not wish to cancel the reservation, simply select an item from the jump bar, or use your browser's page back function to return to a previous page, or exit your web browser.

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Security Information and Guidelines

Due to the openness and accessibility of the Internet, guidelines have been established on the number and type of transactions an individual may attempt. These guidelines are listed below:


  1. One Booking per Credit Card per Hotel per Day.
    This means that a customer may confirm one booking per credit card per hotel per day. Reservations may be made at different hotels on the same day using the same credit card.

  2. Email Information
    Sensitive information such as Credit Card Numbers and Expiration Dates will not be sent through the Email system. All sensitive information will be encrypted utilizing your browser's secured functions.


  3. Security
    All reservations and forms used to retrieve reservations send information in an encrypted format.

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Multiple Room Reservations

For the safety of the hotels, the online reservation system only allows one reservation (for up to 2 rooms) per hotel per credit card per day. To make more than one reservation at a hotel in a single day, just use a different credit card or guest name. You can also call our Travel Reservations Center and speak to a reservationist who can make all the reservations for you. There is no charge for any of our services.

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Customer Service

Travel Reservations Center
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time
  • (843) 991-9999
  • Direct: (843) 991-9999  
  • Fax: (208) 978-4959

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